Why are there so many questions?


Providing background companies with as much information as possible will help assure that a
thorough check is completed. Here is the reasoning on why so many details are requested.
Can you please forward us a copy of the applicant's consent form?

REASON:  Consent Forms are usually necessary when making a verification request from a former employer or educational institution. It is the policy of most employers and educational institutions today to require an applicant's consent before releasing information to a consumer reporting agency.

Can you please supply us with the applicant's maiden name, date of graduation and date of birth?

REASON: Many educational institutions, including high schools and some colleges, maintain records based upon graduation year. Some records are filed only by the applicant's name at the time of graduation. Many court systems use the date of birth as the critical reference point when maintaining and releasing criminal records. Asking the applicant to include date or birth on a consent form is not going to subject an employer to a claim of age discrimination if proper procedures are followed. Once the job offer is made contingent on passing the background check, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other relevant employment laws permit employers and background check firms like ours to gather relevant information.

Please provide the applicant’s full legal name with correct spelling.

REASON: There are billions of public records available for review. Even one wrong letter in a name can make a huge difference when matching the right records with the correct person. You speed the process along when you have the right spelling, avoid nicknames and include the middle initial or name.

Please provide the correct and complete social security number.

REASON:  Like the correct spelling of a name, just one wrong digit can make a huge difference. There are millions of social security numbers found on billions of records.

Please provide complete address including street, city, state and zip.

REASON: By providing us with a complete address we can base our research in the correct county and verify the address(es) provided. Correct addresses and/or locations are also necessary when trying to verify education or employment. Example: There is probably a "George Washington High School" in most U.S. cities!


About KlinkCheck

KlinkCheck® background services provides high-quality in-depth background reports to human resources professionals, legal professionals and business owners. We are the only background investigation company created and run by a former federal prosecutor with a team of experts including investigators, human resource professionals and research analysts. KlinkCheck’s unique business structure allows our company to conduct the most comprehensive and in-depth background and fraud investigations with international screening and research capabilities. These screening services lets our clients hire with confidence, increase productivity and profits, mitigate risk effectively, increase workplace safety and meet mandated compliance requirements.



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Terms you should know

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

- Established in 1970 this is the set of federal regulations administered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that governs consumer reporting agencies like KlinkCheck. States may also have laws which are typically more restrictive than the FCRA.

Consumer Reporting Agency(CRA) -
As defined in the FCRA background screening companies are defined as Consumer Reporting Agencies.

Electronic Signatures -
Rather than signing a name with pen or pencil or a "WET" signature, an electronic signature is completely electronic.

Third-Party Source -
Generallyfor-profit organizations used on a contract basis by institutions and/or employers to handle verifications. These third parties gather and maintain information from the institutions and employers they represent.

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