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Why Klinkcheck?

  • Secure, custom reports

    We operate on a secured web-based system, where user names and passwords are required to enter and access information. KlinkCheck provides access to reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Analysis

    KlinkCheck combines field research, database, internet and analysis to produce accurate information. Our unique business structure allows our company to conduct the most comprehensive and in-depth background and fraud investigations with international screening and research capabilities. KlinkCheck provides detailed analysis to assure that applicants are treated fairly and that employers are protected. 

  • Client support

    Our clients can rely on our expertise when they need it.

    We are the only background investigation company created and run by a former federal prosecutor. Our experts include investigators, human resource professionals and research analysts with experience in conducting background investigations and screening services for Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized non-profit organizations, as well as numerous small to mid-size companies. 

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Why background check?

You Can't Afford Not To- Hire with Confidence

44% of applicants lie about experience

1 of 4 applicants fabricate credentials

41% of applicants lie about education


We fully comply with all state, federal and international laws with respect to conducting background research and producing investigative reports. We take data protection seriously.

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Coverage in over 150 countries

We assist our multinational clients in designing and implementing uniform global policies and procedures.

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