Verifications: employment and education

by KlinkCheck

What makes a successful background check on a job candidate?


You have spent weeks interviewing several candidates and have finally narrowed your search to a single person. To your disappointment, the background check reveals that the candidate has lied about a conviction for fraud, or has not earned the degree claimed.   Instead of hiring an unsuitable candidate, your organization ends up hiring a truly qualified candidate who immediately adds value. 

But what if the check was never done or never done right?

Verification of Employment History

It is vital to verify the applicant’s job history.  We often find that candidates lie about their prior experience.   By calling prior employers’ and verifying employment dates, titles, and other salient information, KlinkCheck can determine whether the candidate is truly who they claim to be.

Verification of Educational History

Verification of education, like employment, is a critical task designed to assure that the right candidates are being hired.   Even more candidates lie about their education.  It pays to verify education and other claimed achievements.

Whether verifying the completion of high school, graduation from higher levels of education or earning a GED, KlinkCheck can help protect your organization against the pain of hiring unsuitable candidates. 

You Should Know

Providing us with important information about the job candidate helps us do the job right.  We need to get permission from the job applicant to perform a background check.   The consent form should not be part of the application form or any other documents.   Spelling errors can doom the process. Make sure that the candidate’s name is spelled right when submitting information to us. 

Applications and resumes contain information about the applicant that we can cross-check against other information to make sure that alleged experience and skills are valid.


By providing KlinkCheck with detailed information about a candidate, we can deliver detailed, timely reports that will assure that your firm is hiring the most qualified employees. By verifying education, employment and other job experience, you will be protected against the pain of employee misconduct and other problems associated with poor background check practices.

About KlinkCheck

KlinkCheck provides high-quality in-depth background reports to human resources professionals, legal professionals and others in a variety of industries. We are the only background investigation company created and run by a former federal prosecutor with a team of experts including investigators, human resource professionals and research analysts. Our screening services allow you to hire with confidence, increase productivity and profits, mitigate risk effectively, increase workplace safety, and meet mandated compliance requirements.



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