Additional Screenings

Additional Screenings

Your Organization Is Unique

Your organization is unique --- so it is important that we provide customized solutions so that you can mitigate risk and hire with certainty. 

  • Social Security Trace and Verification 
  • Address History Search 
  • Federal Criminal Record Search 
  • Statewide Criminal Record Search (Where Available)
  • County Criminal Search (Felony & Misdemeanor) 
  • County Civil Search 
  • Liens/Judgments
  • Nationwide Criminal Record Searches 
  • Sex Offender Search (National & State) 
  • Motor Vehicle Records 
  • Education & Credential Verification 
  • Prior Employment Verification 
  • Military Record Verification 
  • Credit History 
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Federal Litigation (Civil Filings) 
  • State Litigation (County District Courts) 
  • Professional Reference Check 
  • US Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Media: Local, National, or International
  • Social Media

  • Professional License and Certification Verification 
  • National Driver Register Record Check 
  • Prohibited Parties Search 
  • Selective Service Registration 
  • US Law Enforcement Agency Most Wanted 

  • Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank Check  
  • National Practitioner Data Bank Check 
  • Nurses Aide Registry Check 
  • Health and Human Services /Office of Inspector General’s Exclusion List Check 
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Debarment List 
  • FDA Disqualified/Restricted/Assurances Lists For Clinical Investigators 

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